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Beginner Ballet – Adults

Beginner ballet – adults!

“Will I Ever Learn How To Dance With Pointe Shoes?”

The truth is it could be a long time before you can learn ballet pointe exercises.

Yet, you can learn the right ballet technique exercises now!

How do you know if your teacher can prepare you for the kind of meticulous technical expertise required for pointe work?

The usual guidelines are:

  • a ballet student has taken ballet for at least three years
  • a ballet dancer has taken three ballet classes a week at least for the past year
  • the student shows the ability to concentrate consistently
  • the ankle joint is flexible enough for the student to rise onto pointe
  • the student understands ballet turnout
  • a student demonstrates strong posture control taking off and landing from jumps
  • the student shows core muscle strength throughout the ballet class

Adult ballet classes are different than the classes for children and younger teens. Adults usually prefer to study ballet with other grown ups.

It is only natural that adult dance students may be shy about their body type, being over weight, or just not having that “ballet look”. But that doesn’t mean they don’t love dance and want to experience it.

Another factor is that adult dance classes have a different kind of discipline. It isn’t less discipline than childrens’ classes, but it is usually up to the individuals themselves to decide how regularly they will attend classes, and whether or not they will, or can, put any time into learning more about ballet technical movements in between their dance lessons.

Different Levels And Ages In Adult Ballet Classes

Most studios don’t have a great variety in adult ballet levels of training. At most you might find a beginner class for adults, and a catch-all course for experienced dancers.

These would be older people who took ballet for years as children, so they will be at an advantage as an adult dancer, having the understanding of classical technique, and some degree muscle memory.

(However these dancers also need a lot of training to regain the strength and control they once had. For that reason, pointe shoes are definitely not recommended for a while.)

Pointe Exercises – Beginners

Adult ballet beginners have different goals for their ballet classes. I once gave semi-private pointe classes to two adult dancers who were not advanced in ballet, yet who had excellent basic technique.

It was evident that they would probably never progress too far towards the more sophisticated ballet moves. However, these ladies really wanted to do some exercises in toe shoes, so we arranged to have semi-private lessons, once a week.

They never got off the barre, but did get up to bourees and chainee turns. Most of the class was slow rises and releves in different positions, and some releve passes, which were about all they had strength for.

But they were so happy! It was a slow, safe class, with close supervision. It would have been nice to have a whole class full of students like this.

Here’s a wonderful example of bourees courants that any student with strong posture and turnout could do: (bear with about 40 seconds of text or scoot past it).

Learn How To Dance With Pointe Shoes As Soon As You Want!

“How do I do that?”

You get The Perfect Pointe Book and this is why. You will learn:

  • ballet turnout exercises
  • the toe swapping exercises
  • the doming exercise
  • correct posture
  • how to release muscle tension
  • how to increase ankle flexibility
  • how to develop control over too-flexible, or hyper-mobile ankle and foot joints

You can become your own expert and be thoroughly prepared long before you go to buy pointe shoes.

Different sections of this top-of-the-line among ballet technique books explore the technical details of every aspect of basic ballet.

You will be instructed on how to do periodic testing of these exercises and you will know when to advance to the next section.

This is excellent for boys and men in ballet too. The ballet pre-pointe exercises will give the male dancers even more finesse in their footwork.

“I Have A Lousy Ballet Body”

If it makes you feel better, so do most people! The ballet body is possessed by the few.

The advantage of the training in The Perfect Pointe Book is that it is about getting your body to execute the correct technical requirements to its own best level.

You may not have the one hundred and eighty degree natural turnout. But you can develop the strength you need to use your turnout to the max.

Your Goal In Beginner Ballet – Adults

If your goal as an adult ballet dancer is to dance in pointe shoes, learn and diligently practice the ballet ballet pointe exercises in The Perfect Pointe Book.

You can eventually prove to your teacher that you are ready for ballet toe shoes.

Click on the dancer image below to get your copy now!.

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