Best Ballet Shoes – Pointe Shoe Brands Recommended

Capezio Ballet Toe Shoes

Capezio on Amazon

Pointe shoe brands – which are the best ballet toe shoes for you?

Fitting pointe shoes takes patience. Here are more for you to consider.


Bloch Serenade Pointe Shoes

Bloch Serenade Ballet Toe Shoes


Freed Classic Ballet Toe Shoes

Freed Classic – see all ballet toes.


Ballet Toe Shoes Freed Wing Block

Extra block support, sturdier insole.

A tapered box with a medium/sturdy shank:

Russian Grishko Ulanova

Tapered box medium/sturdy shank

Pointe shoe brands do not matter if your ballet foot muscles are not ready for ballet toe shoes.

Read about your foot type which will help you find the BEST BALLET SHOES.

I recommend THE PERFECT POINTE BOOK manual

to help you learn pre pointe exercises faster and safer! It is jam-packed with information and you will get a thorough understanding and practice exercises to strengthen your dancing in satin ballet pointe shoes.


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