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Ballet Toe Shoes-An Extra Tip For Fitting Pointe Shoes

Exactly The Right Fit – How Close Can You Get?

Here’s a list of the usual items you need to to know ahead of time when you go to fit pointe shoes:

  • is one foot bigger than the other? (wider or longer)
  • do you need a strong or light shank
  • do you need a tapered or square box
  • do you need a low (short toes) or high (long toes) vamp

You’ve worked hard already to prepare for pointe shoes. If you feel you need to do more, check these ballet tips for pre-pointe exercises.

Take lots of time trying on ballet toe shoes. Wear your tights, and include any padding you use, or think you will use. If one foot is bigger than the other, you must get the right fit for the bigger foot. This means you will use some padding to protect the smaller foot and toes from sliding around in the shoe.

Make sure the width and shape is right. Try on a couple of different shapes in the same size that feels right. Double check by trying on a half size bigger, and a half size smaller, even if the fitter thinks it’s a waste of time.

Once you have decided on a size and shape, here’s the extra tip. I am suggesting this because not all pointe shoes are machine made, and there will be a slight variation in the shoes.

Try on a few pairs of the exact same size, width and shape shoe you have chosen.

Not everyone can do this, if their dance store is too small to stock a lot of shoes. But if you can, then do. Some ballet toe shoes just feel better than others.

For a ton of amazing detail on pointe shoes sizing, and preparing for dancing in pointe shoes, get your own copy of

The Pointe Book.

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