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Ballet Toe Shoes On Television – “Bunheads” and “Breaking Pointe”

On May 31, 2012     BREAKING POINTE begins!

The Allison DeBona interview.

“We are all basically friends but…”

The Ronnie Underwood interview.

“…taking care of your body, trying to stay healthy…”


“I’m nineteen years old…” wow and she’s already doing some ballet dream roles.

Ballet dancers are special…and expendable. Eek! Oh yes.


starts on Monday June 11th. An ABC Family series. I’ve watched some trailers and it’s a bit…cute. Dancers may both enjoy and shudder at the presentation of ballet on television.

We know the pain and the bleeding feet in ballet toe shoes will be made much of. The conflicts between love, and career will undoubtedly be dealt with. The tough life, the spectre of ballet injuries, the understudy waiting for a chance.

Did I forget anything?

We’ll see how the dance world gets spun…


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