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“Breaking Pointe” – That Would Be Ballet Toe Shoes?

Ballet toe shoes on reality tv? The CW?

I just read this at!

Quote from this report:

“BREAKING POINTE goes behind the stage curtain for an intense, unfiltered look at one of the most competitive ballet companies in the country, Ballet West, in Salt Lake City, Utah. Beneath the beauty and glamour of the dance and costumes is a gritty dog-eat-dog world of extreme athleticism, focus, dedication, passion, pressure and, of course, the hunt for the unattainable… perfection. BREAKING POINTE is produced by BBC Worldwide Productions. Kate Shepherd (“Big Brother,” “Wife Swap”) is executive producer. Izzie Pick Ashcroft (“Dancing with the Stars”) and Jane Tranter (“Top Gear,” “Dancing with the Stars,” “Torchwood”) are executive producers for BBC Worldwide Productions.

Beginning Monday, June 4, weekly encores of both new reality shows will air on Mondays, with BREAKING POINTE airing 8:00-9:00pm and THE CATALINA airing 9:00-10:00pm.”

Wow, ballet on a reality television show! Never thought I would see the day!

It does not seem so long ago that if you wanted to dance in pointe shoes, your friends didn’t really want to know. You were aiming for life in a subculture. Once you are in it, you are in the big world of ballet. It’s huge, because to a ballet dancer, that is all there is. Your concerns are about higher leg extensions, flexibility in your ankles, and getting strong foot muscles for pointe work.

You dreamed of dancing in Swan Lake and Giselle. It was SO special when ballet came on television, if it ever did. You lined up at the theater during ballet season to get the cheap standing room only tickets, because you wanted to go every night!

Anyone still with me?

And now a real ballet company, Ballet West, is going to let us backstage!!

Ballet West was founded in 1963 by William F. Christensen. His early biography can be read here.

Here is the page about his work with Ballet West.

I have never watched reality television. But I think that is going to change with CW’s “Breaking Pointe” . I am curious to see how it represents those dancing in ballet toe shoes, and those brilliant male ballet dancers who dance with them.

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