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Can There Be Genetic Differences If You Dance In Ballet Toe Shoes?

“Are Dancers Genetically Different Than The Rest Of Us”?

A  Hebrew University Researcher quoted from ScienceDaily (Feb. 16, 2006) – says “Yes”.

How are artists such as ballet dancers different than the rest of us? Genetic variants, reports a study participant at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. ”  The artistic aspect of dancing in performance is including the audience to where YOU go when you are on stage. They are not merely bystanders, they are transporting with you. You change their brain chemicals!

“The dancer “type,” says Ebstein, clearly demonstrates qualities that are not necessarily lacking but are not expressed as strongly in other people”:

  • a heightened sense of communication
  • often of a symbolic and ceremonial nature
  • a strong spiritual personality trait.”

Facilitating your brain with your own nutritional chemicals and neurotransmitters is an art, I have learned – it’s more than eating well and thinking well.

You’ll find the whole article here.

“…a heightened sense of communication, often a symbolic and ceremonial nature, and a strong spiritual personality trait.”… have probably experienced that moment when the audience is electrified by the entrance of a powerful dancer onto the stage. It pervades everyone. They are IN that field.

Ballet is ceremonial starting right in class. The world is dismissed while the  students and the teacher works, sharing a field of concentration. All the powerful brain chemicals are activated with enthusiasm.

The brain chemical serotonin is found lacking in depressed people – it is abundant in dancers and other artists. Despite the stressful lifestyles, lack of social support, common disorderly eating (and sometimes eating disorders) serotonin is abundant. It seems to be related to the “ceremonial nature and a strong spiritual personality trait”.

This study reported at is extremely significant. There are genetic differences in artists. It explains the power we call stage presence. It indicates a consciousness that is a component of talent, I think. Not physical ease, but the intangible magnetism where we follow the dancer wherever he/she goes.

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