Flexibility Exercises For Dancers

Which Flexibility Exercises For Dancers Are The Best Program For You?

Flexibility exercises, or stretching exercises, are done at a different intensity, depending on your stage of training:

  • ballet beginner ten years of age or younger
  • a late starter to ballet, twelve years old, or a teen ballet beginner
  • adult ballet beginner
  • adult getting back to ballet after some years away

Many who love dance, particularly ballet,  do not have the enviable flexibility to easily get into the position of the splits and achieve the special perfect ballet positions. Yet anyone can practice, with care,  professionally designed, safe,  flexibility training.

If you are still a child, you have a head start because it is much easier to become more flexible. Even if it appears in ballet class, that you will never reach those beautiful arabesques and sideways splits, there is a good chance that over a few years of constant training and patient stretching, you will achieve a very good line in your ballet positions.

The fantastic flexibility that ballet dancers and cheer leaders want is considered a hypermobile, and unnatural condition by physio therapists.  Their work is to help dancers and others strengthen muscles and joints, to prevent the kind of mobility ballet students strive for.

Flexibility Exercises For Dancers Are Ongoing For High Leg Extensions

The less flexible work so hard and yet do not get the visual or artistic results that the “born to dance” fortunate ones get. Often they will experience a strain or sprain from their dedicated efforts. Yet, the best stretching exercises taught properly, can prevent injury. You need to stretch the following muscle groups:

  • the hamstrings, or back of the thighs, giving you a high leg extension to the front
  • the postural muscle running from the front of the thigh over the hip to the front of the spine, the psoas muscle, giving you a high leg extension to the back
  • the quadriceps, or front of the thigh muscle, easing tension and contributing to your high leg extension to the back
  • the adductor muscles, the inner thigh muscles, giving you a high leg extension to the side

The method of successful stretching has been recently revealed by some of the top dance medicine experts in the world. I say “revealed” not because it has been some guarded knowledge that an elite faction have kept hidden – not at all – but the prevention and treatment of dance and sports injuries has improved greatly.

Presently,  you can’t know precisely how much you can increase your flexibility.  But you CAN learn safe stretching exercises, and enjoy healthy movement as you age, whether you continue dancing or  not. Flexibility exercises for dancers are also excellent for cheer leaders, golfers, and other athletes.

Effective Stretching - Flexibility Exercises For Dancers

Flexibility Exercises For Dancers


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