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Flexibility Workout For Dancers

Flexibility exercises for dancers..

don’t always look like ballet barre exercises or modern warm ups. “For some students it is essential they do short brief stretching sequences daily, or multiple times a day.  I like a lot of the effective stretches on the chair because it means they can briefly stretch during their school day and not draw too much attention to themselves.” Deborah Vogel writes this on her blog at The Body Series, in an answer to a teacher who wants to help students with stretches.

Here is one of my favorites, for the turnout muscles: sitting on a chair, cross one foot over the other knee, and let the bent leg turn out and relax. With a straight back, simply lean forward, without rounding the back. Bending only at the hip joint, your movement will barely be noticeable. YOu will feel the stretch around the side of the hip area, and you will be stretching your rotator muscles, which run under the Gluts.

This easy movement will ease out tension from the muscles and give you a great stretch. Hold the stretch for about thirty seconds, release it, and repeat three times each leg. You do not need to any bouncing or pulsing.

Another one using a chair is the hamstring stretch. Sitting on the edge of a chair, extend one leg, foot flexed. Bending from the hip, back straight, a small degree of movement will get you the stretch in the hamstring. Hold for 30 seconds. And, repeat three times each leg.

You’ll see more results in the benefits of stretching this way by more frequent stretching sequences, than doing more repetitions per sequence, but fewer sequences.

Try these two stretches done a few times a day over thirty days, and you will see a difference!

A three-times-per-week workout for dancers and athletes:

For more stretches you can do outside of class, get the DVD  Flexibility Workout For Athletes.

DVD Flexibility Workout For Athletes

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