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Perfect Pointe Ballet Dreams – Let Them Come True

Perfect Pointe Ballet Dreams – You Make Them Real

You dream about sewing pink satin ribbons on your new ballet toe shoes, and neatly tucking the heel into the shoes, and winding the ribbons smoothly around the shoes.

You tuck them into your ballet bag, and check that you’ve put in your Ouch Pouches or lambswool. Add your clean tights and ballet leotard and some new things you’ve bought.

Your Pinkie Ball – a soft rubber sports ball that you can roll under your feet after class. If your calf muscles are sore or tense, you can sit on the floor and roll the Pinkie Ball up and down under your calves. Press it a little into those sore spots, and feel the muscles relax.

While you’re there, put it under your hamstrings too. Move it from behind your knees up to the top of your thigh. Ease out that tense muscle feeling. Now you can start your pointe class with your improved muscle tone.

You have a few minutes to sit while you ride to your ballet studio, so you can do a foot exercise that will help you get stronger in pointe shoes.

Playing the Piano with your toes:

  • you pick your toes up, one by one, starting with the big toe
  • you keep the rest of your foot level
  • then you put the toes down one by one, like you are placing them on piano keys
  • you can repeat this ten times, or twenty times if you are used to it

Another foot exercise you can do while you are sitting –

Seated Rises:

  • with the foot placed level on the floor, press up as though you are rising onto pointe
  • keep the toes long, do not let them curl
  • press the toes down, feeling the foot muscles controlling the movement
  • don’t just let them drop
  • and place the foot carefully, back to a flat position

Repeat ten times each foot.

This controlled movement is exactly what you’ll be doing in your ballet toe shoes. Pressing up, and controlling down. While holding your core muscles strong, your turnout strong, yet remaining relaxed in your shoulders and neck.

If you haven’t bought pointe shoes yet, you can do these foot exercises everyday. You will find that these exercises will help you develop strength in all your demi pointe rises and releves, and your jumps as well.

The strength in the pointe action of the big toe and the muscles in the forefoot or metatarsal area of the foot gives your releves and jumps that extra quality and sparkle.

This type of pre-pointe exercises are good for boys in ballet too, for that same reason. Dream of getting the perfect pointe ballet foot muscles, then practice – and soon you’ll have them!




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