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Pre Pointe Shoes – Recommended?

Should pre pointe shoes be recommended? For everyone? Or anyone?

I am still convinced that pre pointe shoes are built in. They are your intrinsic foot muscles, the muscles in the soles of your feet.

I would rarely recommend split sole pointe shoes for students, except for the most inflexible ankles and feet. I don’t recommend split sole ballet slippers either. A little resistance from the sole of the shoe strengthens the feet.

There are so many different types of pointe shoes. They can be sorted out by your foot type, and selected by a careful fitting.

There are a few really good exercises to strengthen the soles of the foot muscles, and the forefoot muscles. These are good for boys in ballet as well and will strengthen allegro as well as refine landings.

The calf muscles are protected from residual tension by strong feet, and the Achilles tendon is saved from injury by good ballet footwork.

Beginner pointe shoes must fit well, and it is good to be familiar with the different types of pointe shoes. Yet more importantly it is best to be familiar with your own feet. You can be sure about your own strength and capabilities if you use an expert guide.

My recommendation is The Perfect Pointe Book. Take a look and see what you think!

The Perfect Pointe Book

Pre-pointe exercises-practise every day!


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