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Shopping For Cheap Pointe Shoes – Ballet Toe Shoes – Amazon Or Ebay?

Can I Buy Cheap Pointe Shoes? sells many brands of ballet toe shoes. Ebay also sells new pointe shoes, mostly listed without the box (not the pointe shoe box, but the BOX box). If you are completely certain about your foot type, your brand and your size, and you are no longer growing, it is possible to order pointe shoes, or ballet slippers,  on line.

I do not see much when I look on There are ballet toe shoes for sale that may be collectors’ items, and many worn pointe shoes. But you, a ballet dancer, are not searching for those things. You will have plenty of your own ballet dance career souvenirs when you stop dancing!

Always use Paypal if you can, because if you do not get the ballet pointe shoes, or if they arrive worn or damaged, you can get a refund.

Ballet toe shoe jewelry comes up a lot on and If you like to  collect that, there seems to be some listed.

If you are looking to get into a professional ballet career however, your thoughts are on the practical stuff. Again, if you have stopped growing, and are certain about the type of pointe shoe you need, it is probably alright to order from or Or other ballet wear or discount pointe shoe sites.

If you are a among the ballet parents reading this, my news probably isn’t so good. You cannot buy pointe shoes to grow into. You are going to make a substantial financial investment in ballet toe shoes. You will go many, many times, to the ballet store, for fitting pointe shoes. You will buy Ouch Pouches, Gel Pads, Lambswool – and prepare foot baths with Epsom Salts or Magnesium Chloride for your dancing daughter. And sons, even if they do not wear ballet toe shoes.

(I am going to write a separate post for dancers who have stopped growing and know specifically what pointe shoes they might buy at a discount, from professional ballet companies).

It is so important to get exactly the right fit in ballet toe shoes, that the whole idea of a sale price, or two-for-one, or whatever special a merchant can come up with, simply rarely applies. I realize this is hard for ballet parents.

Yet there are other ways that a dancer or ballet parents can save money on buying ballet toe shoes. Is your child truly ready? Does your child’s  teacher know how to correctly assess the muscles strength of the ballet foot muscles and your child’s classical technique? Many teachers do, even if they have not learned specific physiotherapy type exercises to do that special testing. Of course, you want to know for sure.

Even if your child’s teacher does not know this special area of assessing a dancer for dancing in ballet toe shoes, there is a way your child could assess herself, and know for certain when she is ready to go and buy her first pointe shoes. Get your dancing daughter The Perfect Pointe Book manual.


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