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The Best Ballet Shoes – And Ballet Toe Shoes

The Best Ballet Shoes

How do you buy the best ballet shoes – in your case, the best ballet toe shoes? Usually you need the typical pink satin pointe shoes, but what if you need red ballet pointe shoes or black satin ballet toe shoes? I promise to talk about those in another article, for now let’s focus on the usual.

First, know your foot type. Click the link there if you need more information about foot types.

You will be able to get the best ballet shoes, for you. Depending on where you are located, this may be easy, or may take a trip or two to a larger city with a ballet store. Whatever you have nearest, check your foot type, and then visit your local dance wear store for ballet toe shoes. Please; draw an outline of your foot, standing with your weight on that foot, on a piece of paper. And then the other foot.

There are two reasons for this. First, you can take those two pieces of paper with you when you go for fitting pointe shoes, for the first time. A professional pointe shoe fitter will look at the the two shapes of your feet (which may be different), and thank you for the lead. A less experienced ballet toe shoe fitter may think “Cool! Whew! This gives me an idea of where to start with this ballet dancer”!

Secondly, if you are an advanced ballet student who has stopped growing, but who wants to try on some different pointe shoe brands or box shapes, you can hand a fitter the two pieces of paper – and then indicate you need to try a wider/narrower/more/less tapered/heavier/lighter pointe shoe.

For your first time fitting pointe shoes, plan to take a lot of time – maybe one or two hours. Please warn your devoted ballet parents! You may try on pointe shoe brands like:

  • Freeds
  • Capezio
  • Bloch
  • Russian
  • Principal
  • or even Gaynor Mindens

and of all of these,  a few sizes, widths, shank and vamp variations, before you find the best ballet shoes for you.

Be sure to wear your tights, or take them with you so you can pull them onto your foot or feet. If you think you may want to wear padding such as Ouch Pouches or lambs wool, ask if the store has any you can borrow for fitting pointe shoes. And don’t feel wimpy about this. Eventually you may dance in ballet toe shoes without any padding, but you do not have to try that right away.

I hope this has given you some tips about finding the best ballet shoes for you.

The Perfect Pointe Book For The Best Ballet Shoes



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